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About Sherri & Brian 

With over a decade of experience in the kids music industry, are gaining quite a notable reputation for both their solo careers as well as with Miss Sherri and the Little Animal Band collaborations. Now, this dashing duo teams up again only to create this SUPER COLLECTION of transformative Kindie - Rock. Sherri & Brian's - "Animals Fast and Slow" (Official Music Video) where kids move like animals fast and slow, high and low, forward and backwards, on the Go!! Watch the Cool moves with Sherri and Brian, award winning singer/song writers and hear their newest cd release 'Superhero Child' 2023. Whether sliding on your belly like a bowl full of jelly or moving your body fast like a cheetah zooming past... there's lots of fun, fun, fun for all to be had! Stay tuned for our upcoming tour in New Jersey and beyond, more super cool videos are heading your way shortly!

Contact Sherri Ehrlich for any inquiries Not rain, not  snow, nor sleet or hail can stop Sherri & Brian as they are always building towards the next release, adding more classics to their powerful kids music library.
It is a common belief that music should be shared with listeners as much as possible. That’s why Sherri & Brian  goes on tour on a frequent basis, making countless public appearances nationally and internationally.

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